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A little introduction to Beauty By Boo


So......where to start.................................
First of all, my name is Becky 'Boo' Balderson and I'm passionate about make-up! I'm 23 years old and live in Hartlepool where Beauty by Boo is based.

With introductions now out the way I can tell you the story of how Beauty By Boo came about and where I would like it to go in the future.

Whilst working at my old job as a barista It dawned on me that I was unhappy working the normal 9-5 jobs, being badly treat by the bosses and all the while being paid very little for the hard work I was putting in. It all of a sudden dawned on me that I should chase something I enjoy - Make-up. From this revelation I decided to leave my job and start Beauty By Boo.

Starting Beauty By Boo wasnt easy. I was creating a new business with no history and no client base. I worked hard at it for a long time, promoting the business, working unsociable hours and not knowing when the next customer was going to come through the door. The hard work has paid off however. I now have an extensive client base with more and more people getting in contact every day. 

I am looking forward to continuing the success of Beauty By Boo in 2016 through to 2017 where I am looking to set up more competitions, provide more tips on the Facebook page and to start my new blog.


Everyone Deserves To Sparkle

Boo x